Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the solair chair: it’s back, baby!

For those of us who are children of the ‘60s and ‘70s, you may remember the Solair chair from your childhood. Bright and vibrant in innovation when first introduced in 1972, the Solair was designed by two Canadians from Montreal: Fabio Fabiano and Michelange Panzini. The two newly minted designers, riding the wave of design energy coming out of Expo 67, and the nationalist fervour of Canada’s Centennial, were recruited by Quebec manufacturer Industries Provinciales to rework the concept of a Canadian-designed, comfortable and stylish, modern indoor and outdoor chair.

To meet the pressure of a pending contract deadline, the chair was designed over the space of one weekend. Using new injection moulding plastic technology and steel framing, the chair has been in continuous production and distribution by its Quebec manufacturer since 1989.

Marketed extensively across Canada and the eastern seaboard of the United States as far south as Florida, the Solair chair was marketed throughout the 1970’s. Since this time, this mid-century modern chair went on to become an iconic fixture of North American roadside motels and pools of the period. The Solair, lightweight and extremely comfortable with its simple lines and solid practicality, exudes an allure that continues to speak to us about its symbolic place in Canadian culture.

Visit Attica for the Solair chair, available in a wide variety of colours for just $124.95.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

dwell fabrics fresh for spring

Fresh for spring, our custom Silva upholstery has arrived in Dwell Studio fabrics. Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including vintage fabrics, and nature, a lot of the drawings are done by hand. DwellStudio products are made of the highest quality cotton and linen available, and meet all criteria for eco-friendly pigments. The different patterns work beautifully together - mix, don't match!

Monday, May 16, 2011

lounging on the tribeca loft

I'm reminded of my art college days of hanging out with my friends, with great discussions of painting, photography, politics and life, as we posted our work on the walls for critiques and contemplations. We would have loved the new Tribeca loft sofa design from contemporary Canadian upholsterer G.Romano in Montreal. This down-filled, slip-covered sofa with loose back cushions and arms invites lounging and creative musings. Come visit us and be inspired.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

attica launches online virtual warehouse

We have partnered with a grouping of major suppliers to showcase an exciting and eclectic online selection of furniture and accessories, such as Bina Furniture (shown below). While this by no means represents all of what we carry, it does show you a large number of available items with images, descriptions and pricing. As well, it lets you know if your selections are currently in stock in North America (the items are not necessarily in stock at our store). Please allow 3-8 weeks for delivery.

To access this website, please click here: Attica Online Virtual Warehouse. Username: user. Password: user.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

drip dry in style

The Dishgarden has just arrived in our Halifax store. Even though I have a dishwasher, and try to avoid handwashing dishes at all costs, this new dish rack has me re-thinking my life choices. I want to put this dishrack on my counter just because I want to look at it.
The DishGarden is perfect for small and large dishes, even pots and pans! And it has 2 utensil holders which can be moved around based on the other items drying in the rack. The DishGarden fits perfectly in the sink or can be used on the counter-top. Plus there is a silicone spout which drains the excess water.

Even if you already have a dishwasher, you just might want to give the Dishgarden a try!