Friday, September 4, 2009

eco conscious upholstery

We all want to feel better about the choices we make. Now more than ever we're very aware that things we buy have global consequences. In a small but real way, we can help by choosing quality products that reduce their impact on the environment.

Here's how the Dublin, Icon, Lennox and Hampton models from Attica do their part:
  • foam seats and padding: the seats and padding are manufactured using natural, seed based oils such as soy bean, and it significantly reduces the dependency on fossil fuels such as petroleum and lessens greenhouse emissions.
  • feather backs and seat cushions: 90% /10% feather and down blend in a 100% non bleached, down proof cotton casing. Seats are feather and down, with a soy foam core.
  • wood frame: the wood harvested for use in this furniture comes from forests managed in accordance with policies & regulations that meet the objectives of the Canadian Forest Strategy. All wood suppliers are FSC certified.
  • glue: all glues and adhesives involved are a Solvent-free, 100% waterborne system and conforms to changing environmental regulations.
  • fabric: Our growing selection of Eco-friendly fabrics includes luxurious natural fibres, recycled cotton, bamboo.
  • packaging: The packaging is largely made up of recyclable materials.