Saturday, March 26, 2011

grey and citron

From fabric to furniture to accessories, grey is the color of the year, and industry experts from Global Views say the color will be the hot neutral for a few years.

The grey neutrals can warm up with overtones of taupe and cool off to steel. Combined with camel and brown, grey takes a traditional path. But pair a cool grey with white and the effect is urbane and sophisticated.

Grey serves as an excellent neutral for every other colour. Saturated colours like chartreuse, turquoise or orange are balanced by grey, and it adds richness and depth to softer color schemes of celadon, pale blue and butter.

Citron, sometimes called yellowy green or chartreuse, is the perfect complement to grey, and is this season’s hot new color. For the past ten years green has been popular, and now we're into the very yellow shade of green. Like many other greens, citron mixes well with almost any color. The combinations make for a vibrant and exciting visual display.