Wednesday, June 22, 2011

modern bedroom: trip hop

The Trip Hop bedroom collection is what impeccable style and attention to detail are all about: stylish handles, metal legs, large round mirror, clean, linear chest, etc. Available in custom colour options, it is shown here in a clear and warm wheat finish, which provides a perfect complement to the textured grey fabric headboard.

Focusing on basics of line and shape, the Trip Hop collection features metal legs that give a superb look to the furniture. Its simplicity in detail is an asset to the design, making it easy to blend with elements. A sleek and fresh environment, this is what Trip Hop brings to the home. The strong linear element of this collection is reinforced through the long handles running the length of the drawer; the drawer front devoid of hardware keeps the look simple and clean. The metal legs, seen on both the bed and night stand, give a modern finish to the retro inspired-look of this bedroom set.