Thursday, November 22, 2012

attica double gold winner in "best of halifax" survey

Every year Halifax's weekly independent weekly newspaper, The Coast Magazine, holds a survey where readers get to vote on a wide range of topics under the major headings of Public Life, Shopping, Bar Scene and Arts and Media. This year, under the categories of Best Furniture Store and Best Home Decor Store, Attica took gold in both! We're thrilled to once again win these awards; local support means much more to us than acclaim from any national publications.

Here's what The Coast had to say about our win this year for Best Furniture Store: "Wouldn’t Attica be a great place to live? You’d have a dining room so cool that you’d be dying to host a dinner party, bathroom accessories so awesome you’d spent extra time primping yourself every morning, a home office that’d inspire you and a bedroom so sexy you’d be dying to…well, sleep. Attica’s style reigns supreme in the BOH poll, their futuristic furniture, major mood lighting and high fashion decor stylishly beat out the competition yet again."
This is what they had to say about our win as Best Home Decor Store: "Attica had its 17th birthday this summer, and Coast readers celebrated by awarding the store gold in this new category. Getting up there in years might make some sluggish, but it just gives the great people at Attica more energy---they are still going strong, bringing you the clean lines of the best modern home accessories that local and international artists have to offer. It’s “where dreams come true,” says one voter---a statement that’s hard to argue with considering Attica’s now offering fancy Vi-Spring luxury mattresses, so technically, it’s not just where dreams come true, but where you can buy them, too".

While we have been winning our local acclaim as the best furniture store in Halifax ever since the category was created, we certainly never take it for granted. And what it makes it even better for us is to see that we were preferred over national brands. Increasingly Haligonians are recognizing the importance to our economy with supporting locally-owned and independent businesses. When we buy local, we all win.