Tuesday, July 6, 2010

candela doesn't blow out in the wind

Light the night with OXO Candela Glow rechargeable lights. The warm, ambient LED lights can be left unattended and won't blow out in the wind. With 8 hours of run time, these versatile lights create ambiance on the dinner table or bedside, while entertaining or reading alone. Portable and cordless, they are suitable for many uses and occasions. The long-lasting Glow rechargeable LED lights are brighter, safer, cleaner, more durable and easier to use than candles.

The kiddies don't have to feel left out, as this innovative series also has several night lights just for them, but adults will love them, too! Ward off the darkness with OXO Candela Tooli nightlights. Tooli warm, ambient LED lights make great bedside companions. Providing 8 hours of soothing light, there's plenty of time to make sure that even the most restless little ones are off to dreamland. Simple even for children, Tooli lights illuminate automatically when lifted from the charger base or if the electricity goes out. Tooli is intuitive, safe and portable. Best of all, it's perfect for brave trips to the bathroom at midnight.

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