Saturday, July 10, 2010

high polished stainless steel and chrome

Sometimes in the store I hear someone refer to an item as "chrome and glass" or "chrome and leather". Sometimes they are right in saying this, and sometimes they are not. We also carry products that are made from a high polished stainless steel, which is a much more labour-intensive process, and stainless steel commands a higher price than chromed metal.

While polished stainless steel has the shine of chrome, there are some other differences. Stainless steel resists attack by rust "all the time" while chrome plated steel resists attack by rust only until any flaw or crack appears or is created. It is then vulnerable to attack. A scratch on stainless steel, while unsightly, is not going to open a path for attack by rust.

Which is better? Well, it's not always clear. It depends on how well the chrome plating was done, what grade of stainless is used, and how the stainless was finished, as well as the exposure conditions. Purists, however, will prefer the polished stainless steel. It looks similar to chrome in it's mirror finish, but resonates more color, allowing you to see the true metal without it being covered by plating.