Sunday, August 29, 2010

fireland cherry

Attica is thrilled to bring back the Corteza collection, made from Fireland cherry. Fireland cherry, as it is commercially known, is grown in cold, mountainous terrain. The forests in Chile fall under rigid government control, a measure to ensure the sustainability and continuance of such environmental treasures.

The Corteza collection is particularly striking. The thick, solid top has a beautiful, smooth finish, with the edge showing the natural contours of the tree edge. On the dining table this is contrasted by the dark, rectangle base.

The Corteza buffet, as well, features a dark wooden frame which allows the eye to follow the sensuous, natural edge on the buffet doors.
This is repeated on the Corteza coffee table. The dark, simple block legs allow the viewer to focus on the luxurious edges of the table top.
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