Wednesday, August 11, 2010

live with what you love

Well, it's been such a busy couple of weeks, but I would be remiss if I didn't talk about what a great seminar we had at the store, "Live With What You Love", presented by Jonathan Legate. We were overwhelmed with the turnout, and Jonathan's topic was quite timely.

Now, more than ever, we look to our home to feel safe, to feel comforted. Home can be a sanctuary, and a place that you love to be in all year around. It's not a place that you decorate for others, but create as a haven for yourself.

Said Jonathan: "Living with what you love means gathering the things around you that mean something to you. It’s a process of gathering and collecting that takes time.

Living with what you love can mean displaying your collections, old photographs, art, grandma’s dining room table or anything else that means something to you. It’s about having the confidence to express your personal style and expose the true you to the world."

To assist the audience members, Jonathan created four mini storyboards of four different rooms: foyer, living room, dining room and bedroom. Each of these featured something that the imaginary owner has collected, and served as inspiration for each room. With an artist's eye, Jonathan explained how each piece selected created visual balance and interest in the room.

Following the seminar was a question and answer period with Jonathan. Audience members weren't shy, and some were quite prepared for the day, and brought in binders of their rooms!

It was a great presentation, and we thank Jonathan Legate for helping us to commemorate Attica's fifteenth anniversary in such a special way with his seminar.