Tuesday, September 28, 2010

astonish me

“Etonnez moi! Astonish me!” These were the words of the French modernist, writer and dramatist, Jean Cocteau that resonate when we look at the new collection from 18 Karat, soon to be on display at Attica on Barrington Street in Halifax. From last season’s whiteness, this fall we’re moving into a burst of oceanic blue and orange accessories, so fresh and alive.

From there we go to the black and white cava vases, which tower a surprising seventy-seven inches tall. Added to this is an expansion of the furniture collection, with more variations in solid wood, marble, stainless steel, leather, wool and linen.

The beauty of the natural forms and the sensitivity to materials let the forms stand the test of time. So, come to Attica and be astonished with something new.