Thursday, September 15, 2011

artful lighting

Lamps and pendants provide us with our functional requirement of light, and are a necessity in almost every room that we enter. This utilitarian aspect, however, provides us with the opportunity to artfully accent our space and allow us to express our individuality.

Nowadays there are so many options available to us in such a wide variety of materials and colours. A carefully chosen table lamp can provide a sculptural element to our room.

Cassidy white porcelain table lamp with sheer silk shade:

Kimmel carribean blue table lamp with hand embroidered shade:

Jarrod carved wood pendant with plain mirror interior top:

Gavin natural wood mosaic floor lamp with natural silk shade:

Osborn green ceramic lamp with beige swirl:

Oliver etched gray glass lamp with moss gray silk sheer shade:

Paxton natural iron chain floor lamp with natural linen shade:

Lena natural iron/brass lamp with olive gray shade:

Durango iron chandelier (available in white as shown and rust):