Sunday, October 31, 2010

meet dawn from update interiors

Every year in Halifax that it occurs, Attica is involved in a charity fundraiser for the Kids Help Phone, which employs the assistance of the local interior design community to decorate and furnish a home for public display. I remember several years ago, during the 2005 Kids Help Phone Designer Showcase there was a last minute cancellation by one of the decorators who was doing the large ensuite bathroom, and the team had to scramble to find someone to quickly take over and renovate the space.

The clock was ticking; there wasn't many weeks left before the room had to be photographed by Metro Guide Publishing for the magazine. As well, most of the decorators try to avoid taking bathrooms and kitchens for Showcase because they're more labour-intensive and it's difficult to coordinate all of the other suppliers, especially in a short amount of time.

Enter Dawn Munden from Update Interiors. She knew she didn't have much time, but she had a vision and a plan. Many of us who were working in teams at the Showcase house were a little concerned. We weren't familiar with Dawn and Update, and we were wondering if she could pull it off at such a late stage.

We didn't need to worry. Quietly and efficiently, she set to work, and before we knew it she had beautifully transformed the drab bathroom with a bold, contemporary design. On time, on budget and in style. She even took the time to help other decorators with their spaces and forge many lasting friendships.

Over the years we've seen Dawn's friendly face in the store numerous times, working on projects both large and small. She is very sensitive to her clients' needs and to their budgets, and works hard to make sure that her clients have stylish spaces that they are comfortable in and happy with for years to come. Update has built its reputation by decorating exceptional spaces from single family homes, condominiums, and corporate offices, to award winning retail show rooms.

Above: an open concept dining room and living room designed by Update Interiors; furnishings from Attica.
Above: a master bedroom and ensuite sitting room designed by Update Interiors; furnishings from Attica.

Above: an open concept condominium designed by Update Interiors; most furnishings from Attica.

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